HP Mini 2140 review

I am lucky enough, to have been one of the first ones to purchase the HP Mini 2140s netbooks. Mine was shipped to me in February of 2009. Being the laptop fanatic that I am, this was the first netbook I have ever owned, but the fifth laptop I have had in the last six years.

I personally absolutely love the portability of the HP Mini 2140. It may seem a little small at first, but I quickly got used to it. The 10" is bright and the metal exterior seems to make this netbook standout from the rest. While on my trip to Europe, I found that this was really the best choice for me simply because of its size.

One of the best things about this netbook is that it is extremely good for internet users. My biggest thing I do on my netbook is connect to the internet and surf the web. As soon as I pulled it out of the books, turned it on, it fired right up to the internet through Wi-Fi. I have never had any problems with it connecting at any coffee shops or networks at the hotels I have been to.

Another great feature to this laptop is that the 6-cell battery it comes with recharges extremely quickly. It takes me just a matter of minutes to get it back up to 90% from about 10%. I don't typically let it run out of juice, nor do I charge it to 100%. Even during long flights, it seems to last a long while.

With the size of the screen, I have left my resolution at 1024 x 576. Even at that resolution, it can be a little difficult to read at times depending on the website you are at. However, the largest resolution is 1366 x 768 and I have tried it out. Unfortunately, it makes me squint and hurts my eyes after a while. So while it is pretty in appearance, it is probably not as functional as the 1024 x 576 resolution for the majority of the people. And no, I do not have terrible eyes.

The feel of the keyboard is extremely nice. The keyboard is somewhat small, but I have large hands and still able to type on the keyboard without much difficulty at all. I type faster than average and still able to do most of the typing without much error. This means that for either a female or a male with medium sized hands would probably find this keyboard to be perfectly fine without any problems at all. The keys themselves seem to have a feel to them that is extremely nice. They feel "soft" is the only way I can describe it. The keys themselves are probably more comfortable than a standard desktop keyboard. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this netbook!

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